U-Kew-Lele (Open Band)

Having a musical goal can be a great way to keep momentum and motivation up in your ukulele practice and playing. From the first beginners courses I ran at Ritz Music, a number of students wanted to keep learning and playing together after the courses ended. So I suggested they form a band and once gigs came in it meant people really wanted to rehearse and practice so they sounded good on the day. It proved to be the perfect motivator.

This is a community band which plays at local fetes, Xmas events and has enjoyed the real achievement of playing several times on the main stage of the famous Half Moon in Putney. A major win for people who just six months before had never even strummed a single chord on a uke. It has new players joining all the time and if you can strum a few chords and commit to a bit of rehearsal time you’re always welcome to get involved.

If you're interested in joining U-Kew-Lele for a gig check out our Events Page or drop me a line at terry[AT]playtheuke.co.uk to find out more.


Our cover of The Lumineers 'Ho Hey'