Terry Smith, Michael Stannard, and Lottie Livingstone perform at Ritz Music as The Half Moon Ukes

The Half Moon Ukes

The uke has proved to be in a class of its own for getting people who have never played an instrument quickly strumming their favourite covers and joining local uke clubs and sessions. The Half Moon Ukes is a ‘musical project’ to highlight just what a versatile thing this noble little instrument can be. We specialise in Trad Folk, Americana and Blues played on ukes in open tunings (ie not the regular GCEA) including bottleneck slide. We are also keen to bridge the gap between the two great community music worlds which are uke sessions and folk clubs.

If you're interested in see The Folk Ukes perform check out our Events Page or drop me a line at terry[AT]playtheuke.co.uk to find out more. Or you can follow us on Social Media - links below.