Team Building Activities & Away Days

Are you looking for a team building activity or away day that genuinely brings new learning back to your business and is also creative and fun? ‘Uke-Ademy’ bespoke team skills events are exactly that. We will provide the event you need, which can be a full away day to develop cohesive team skills or a single component event to add a lighter element to an established away day.  

With over 15 year running group management training and one to one executive coaching sessions, Terry has facilitated workshops for BBC News, BBC CareerLink, BBC Organizational Psychology Division, UK Screen, Tiger Aspect, Halo Post Production and International Broadcast Facilities. Terry trained as an executive coach during his 25 year career at the BBC where he also directly managed multi-discipline teams within Production and Film Acquisitions.

How does it work?

Example 1 - Single event: If you have an away way or team building event already planned and are looking to find a new activity to add something different to the usual activities, to keep the day fresh (maybe in that all important post lunch slot where energy levels might need a pick up!) then this is it! In just 90 minutes and with no previous musical experience required, your team will work together to develop a new skill as a group and will be able to tap into their hidden Adele or Eric Clapton and will all play, strum and singalong to at least four songs. 

Example 2 - Away Day: Hosted at one of London’s most iconic live music venues, (The Half Moon in Putney), the framework of the day is based around setting your team a musical based challenge which through team work is brought to fruition. Your team start by learning to play the ukulele (this takes just one hour!) and through the day will work together to be able by the end of the afternoon to ‘perform’ as a ukulele orchestra on the stage. Full catering supplied by the talented chefs at The Half Moon.