Duke of Edinburgh Ukulele

Duke Of Edinburgh Award

If you are looking for a new skill to acquire for your DOE award (skills section) and also one that is genuinely fun, low pressure and progresses quickly then learning the uke ticks all the boxes. It’s also the perfect entry to the skills for playing the guitar! In just eight one hour lessons, you’ll go from ’Zero to Uke Hero’ and by the end are 100% guaranteed to be a competent player who can jam with other musicians.

In each session, you’ll learn skills such as chord shaping, rhythm patterns, strumming  techniques, improvisation, that can all be used on the uke and also guitar along. You’ll also be mastering at least four new songs in each lesson!

The eight sessions can be flexibly fitted around the three month window for the DOE bronze ward and also your school studies.

My 16 year old son Elliot started 1:1 sessions with Terry last year as part of his D of E programme where he had to learn a new skill.  Elliot had played the violin when he was younger but was a complete novice on the ukulele.  Terry very soon had him singing and strumming to the likes of Jake Bugg and Noah and the Whale as well as introducing him to some more traditional Beatles hits.  Elliot enjoyed his sessions enormously and with Terry’s enthusiastic and skilful teaching he seemed to progress really quickly.  Keeping a 16 year old boy motivated is no mean feat.  Elliot also joined one of Terry’s group courses at Ritz Music Shop in Richmond where he was able to participate in group sessions.

Elliot’s time spent with Terry was hugely rewarding and he certainly met the D of E criteria of learning a new skill.  We couldn’t recommend Terry highly enough.
— Nicky Hudson


The ukulele is currently making such a positive impact on school music lessons. The main reasons being that it is so quick and fun to learn, light and easily transportable, can be played on own or in a group and the instrument themselves come in eye catching bright colours.

I have taught in schools and music tuition centres and my current group of year 5's at a local junior school, managed to play a really competent version of 'Paperback Writer' in just three lessons of less than an hours playing in total! It gave them all such a sense of achievement.  I also run a once a week 'Ukulele Jam Session' working with the schools music teacher, as a pre school club which is a great way of kids gaining quick access to learning the uke and the team skills to play in a group.

I have an enhanced DBS assessment.