One-To-One Lessons

If the learning style that suits you best is to be able to progress really quickly and work direct  with a teacher without external distractions, then One to One lessons are the way to go. 

Quite a number of people I have taught in this way and particularly those completely new to playing instruments find it the ideal environment to be able to build their confidence during those important first few steps in learning a new skill.

On every occasion of teaching people one to one in the first lesson the student has not only left with the basic techniques covered, such as chords, strumming tuning but also will be playing at least four songs!

Once people have mastered the basics in the one to one sessions and have a number of songs under their belt, most tend to then move to the group lessons in the confidence that they will be able to keep up with the pace and fully enjoy the sessions. 

Prices are £30 for an hour lesson. All song sheets and chord diagrams are included.

Lesson venue can be home studio in Kew, West London or Ritz Music Tuition Centre Richmond West London.

I am obsessed with music but have never got around to learning an instrument, I was introduced to Terry Smith and now not only have a new hobby but an obsession - he has given me enough confidence and experience to perform live.”
— Michael Stannard
As a teacher, Terry has immense natural talent & enthusiasm for sharing his passion for music, both in group lesson and ‘one-to-one’ settings. His natural leadership skills, combined with a warm easy-going and patient approach, have made him an incredibly popular & successful teacher ….. so much so that many of his pupils who were complete beginners only 24 months ago are now regularly performing live gigs.
— Simon Taylor – owner of Ritz Music Tuition Centre