ukulele teacher terry smith

Ukulele Teacher - Terry Smith

The most important thing for me as a ukulele teacher, is that you get exactly what you want from either the group lessons or private one-to-one lessons. If you want just a single lesson to get you off the starting blocks so you can then use the free online resources or you want a series of ten to learn more advanced blues or jazz techniques then that’s what I want to make sure I provide for you. 

From experience people seem to want to be strumming their favourite songs really quickly and I’m confident that my ‘strum and sing’ method really delivers this. In just the first lesson I guarantee you’ll have at least four songs you can strum and the first one in just 15 minutes! I also keep musical theory to the absolute minimum so it’s never an issue if you’ve not covered any of that before.

It’s also really important that I can create for you the most appropriate environment that suits your own learning style best, so that you feel confident that you are really making the progress you want to be making, alongside having a genuinely enjoyable time too! It’s really rewarding for me that the group classes I run at Ritz Music Tuition Centre or The Half Moon in Putney have a really good reputation for being supportive, friendly and that people progress really quickly. This is also the same if your preference is to learn one to one from my home studio.

I teach groups, one to one adults and in schools and have enhanced level DBS (previously CRB). I also run the community uke band UKewLele.


I am obsessed with music but have never got around to learning an instrument, I was introduced to
Terry Smith and now not only have a new hobby but an obsession - he has given me enough confidence and experience to perform live.
— Michael Stannard
Terry’s classes literally changed my life as I found it so much fun I gave up my job and became a
ukulele teacher too!
— Tara Maysey, Early Years ukulele teacher
Terry Smith has been closely involved with Ritz Music & Tuition Centre from the very beginnings in 2012, when the company moved to larger premises in Richmond in order to develop and expand into music teaching for all ages & abilities.

As a teacher, Terry has immense natural talent & enthusiasm for sharing his passion for music, both in group lesson and ‘one-to-one’ settings. His natural leadership skills, combined with a warm easy-going and patient approach, have made him an incredibly popular & successful teacher ….. so much so that many of his pupils who were complete beginners only 24 months ago are now regularly performing live gigs.
— Simon Taylor – owner of Ritz Music Tuition Centre